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I'm Sibu Nair and

A proud Indian American,political nerd, activist and a community organizer. Born and raised in India,working as a Clinical Trial Administrator in State University of NY (SUNY). I live and work in Western New York.I know the needs of it and I know the things that are going on and where I can play role in it. Last 10 years I have been serving the WNY community and I am a Committee member of Erie county and Amherst Democratic Party.

What I Do

Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business Winston Churchill

I have always been interested in politics, community service and cultural promotion. When I served as the Board of Director of India Association of Buffalo, NY I got to meet and interact with very interesting people from the local chapter of politics. Continual communication with likeminded people strengthen my bond and passion for politics and very quickly, I discovered that I had a passion for this work.

Today, I work as the Liaison for the community, a connection between the communities, Govt of India, Local government which is really just a buzzword-laden way of saying that I’m a community organizer. I really enjoy connecting people and ideas to help build a greater good in the community - something I’ve been lucky enough to do both in my role as the Executive Director of CHAI (Council of Heritage and Arts of India) and my role with the government and other organizations.


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